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Cetip | Certifica

More security and transparency for investors


The financial market integrator makes available to investors an innovation that equals to safety and transparency. Cetip | Certifica makes possible to financial institutions – as banks, brokers and distributors  to deliver to their customers an individual report to each individual or entity who invest in fixed income assets.


  • 7/24/2017 11:02:33 AM Cetip | Certifica


The Cetip | Certifica is a certification that proves the record, Cetip, the client application, identifying the CPF or CNPJ (if company) on certain investments.


  • Certificates of Deposit (CDB)
  • Agribusiness Credit Rights Certificate (CDCA)
  • Audiovisual Investment Certificate (CIA)
  • Agribusiness Receivable Certificate (CRA)
  • Real Estate Receivables Certificate (CRI)
  • Debentures
  • Time Deposit with Special Guarantee (DPGE)
  • Foreign Exchange Note (LC)
  • Agribusiness Letters of Credit (LCA)
  • Real Estate Letters of Credit (LCI)
  • Letra Financeira (LF)
  • Commercial Paper (NC)
  • Bank Deposit Receipt (RDB)

How does Cetip | Certifica Works?

Banks, brokers, dealers and other financial institutions request adherence to Cetip | Certifica aiming to register compulsorily the products deposited in Cetip that market on behalf of its clients. This occurs even though, for some assets, registration and identification are not legally binding. With it, the Cetip´s system only allows the financial institution to sell an asset deposited in the chamber if done the registration of the title and the name identification of the investor occur.

What benefit the Cetip | Certifica brings to the investor?

As you saw, the Cetip | Certifica informs that your investment is in your name. To you, the investor, it is important to check if the application offers the seal Cetip | Certifica. It allows you to receive from the financial institution that has offered you the investiment a monthly statement.

Broker, distributor and bank: why use?

Register and identify the assets of their clients in Cetip environment and add value to the services provided. With Cetip |Certifica, your institution is known as an example of safety and transparency to investors and can offer an extract of position and movement of assets that are in his name.